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5 useful tips for your wardrobe


5 useful tips for your wardrobe


1. Clear out and clean up

 Are you, like so many others out there, struggling with a way wardrobe that is way too big? And is the sleeping shirt pile growing and growing? Then your closet most likely needs a thorough cleanup - and now you have no more excuses. Tidy up and clear out. Start at the back of your closet and work your to the front. Collect the clothes you no longer need in a sack and donate it to a good cause. If you have a branded winter coat that cost you half a fortune it may hurt to throw it away. Sell it on a platforms like Depop, Ebay or Trendsales. But if you find a washed out t-shirt with holes under the arms, you must realize you won't need it anymore and it's time to get rid of it. Donate your old clothes to organisations like red cross or unicef. Old, used clothes never looked good on anyone. Unfortunately, you have to accept that the old t-shirt makes better cleaning rags in your garage.

2. Light up

Is it hard to tell which color t-shirt you're holding early in the morning? Or have you ever wondered where your favorite pair of pants went? The reason for this might be the lack of light in your dressing room. You can easily hang a chain of lights in the frame of your wardrobe and attach it with transparent tape. If you are more of a handy dandy than we are, you can also attach a chain of lights that goes on and off automatically when you're opening or closing the wardrobe. You will be surprised how easy it is to find your clothes and the surprise effect on visitors is pre-planned.

3. Fix your clothes

We've all been there: one wrong move and bang, it ripped your favorite pair of jeans in the seam. But that shouldn't stop you from simply leaving your favorite jeans in the closet. Grab a needle and thread and use helpful Youtube videos to teach yourself how to patch the hole. You can get in the habit of doing this with all your damaged pieces. Everything from a missing button, a zipper that won't close, or an annoying hole won't stop you from not being able to wear your favorite clothes anymore. On the contrary, one often even prefers to wear the pieces they nursed themselves. If sewing isn't your thing, the easiest way is, to find your trusted tailor. Then your clothes are on the right track to recovery and you are even taking a step towards sustainability, because instead of simply buying new pants, shirts or jackets, it is better to take care of your old clothes for the sake of the environment.

4. Hang don't fold

Something you definitely shouldn't underestimate are hangers. On one hand, we love them because they don't wrinkle our clothes as much and, on the other hand, piles of clothing always gets on your nerves. Because whenever you pull something out, the whole stack disintegrates and the folding starts all over again. And a third argument for hangers is, that you can plan your outfits on your hanger. The double-hangers allow you to hang both a t-shirt and matching pants, eliminating the stress of finding an outfit in the morning. A double-hanger is actually always recommended, because it is not only practical, but also saves a lot of space. And we always have too little of that ;)

5. Write a wishlist

Now that you have an overview, you can classify what you have and what you lack much better. After all, the hard clean-up work must be rewarded. Now you may have gotten rid of a lot of clothes and realize that the selection has shrunk a little or maybe you stumbled across new cool styles that now have space in your closet. We recommend writing a wish list of the things you would like to see in your closet. Now that you're ready to restock your closet, we recommend investing in quality basics. In this way you ensure that the clothes don't break so quickly and that you can enjoy them for longer. We can definitely help you with that, take a look at our collections here.



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