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Free shipping from 35 euros l Returns: Easy & Free


“In the beginning we just made a basic T-shirt in a good quality. And we still do.”

An uncomplicated classic

Bareen came into the world based on a goal to create a really good t-shirt. Neither more nor less. A t-shirt that was ideal in terms of both quality, price, production, durability and fit. 'Bare En T-shirt' we called it, which directly translates to 'Just A T-shirt' in Danish. Because that's what it was. An uncomplicated t-shirt that in all its simplicity just worked - on all parameters.

Since then, the name has shrunk and the range has grown. The t-shirt remains, but it has been joined by a larger group of basic products. Hoodies, socks, shorts and many more things in the pipeline. Both for men and women. However, the philosophy is the same and will continue to be. Bareen is about celebrating the basics.

Tough beginning taught us the ropes

Our success in creating a t-shirt that we genuinely want to wear every day has inspired us to create more products based on the same philosophy.

And our journey is by no means over yet.

We create simple clothes that that don't follow changing fashion trends. Basic products that can be styled up and down and personalized. We neither reinvent the industry nor create the most eye-catching outfit on the catwalk – instead we create simple and well-produced quality products that you will also want to wear next year. We strive to be honest and we strive to be straightforward. Ambitions are high, but bareen will always be down to earth. We always want to include ourselves and we don't make things harder than they are. Even if we grow, even if we go further, and even if the product range is slowly but surely expanding, it's all still ultimately about one thing: simple and timeless clothes of high quality.


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