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Free shipping from 35 euros l Returns: Easy & Free


“We support the move towards a sustainable clothing industry. That is why ecology, recycling and high quality are second nature to us ”

Squaring up to the throw-away mentality

To us, sustainable production is a given. The sustainable element must be evident in both the design, development and production processes. This is also why we are continuously working on optimising the life cycle of our products. Our goal is to create textiles that will last and clothes that will endure. After all, the sustainability of clothing is a consequence of its use.

“After all, the sustainability of clothing is a consequence of its use.”

Cotton isn’t just cotton

Cotton is everywhere. You have cotton on your body every day. You work in cotton, you exercise in cotton, you sleep in cotton. Not many, however, think about where cotton comes from and how it is made. According to the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, conventional cotton is full of pesticides and contains toxic dyes which can be absorbed via the skin. Organic cotton production, on the other hand, does not allow the use of pesticides, and growing the cotton emits up to 94% less greenhouse gas. BAREEN T-SHIRT only uses one type of cotton – and that is 100% organic.

Our producer's most significant certifications


BSCI: BSCI certification, which stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative, means that employees at our factories have good working conditions, which unfortunately is not always a given at clothes manufacturers. This involves, among other things, fair wages, acceptable working hours, no workplace discrimination, no child labour, and much more.

OCS: OCS certification, which stands for Organic Content Standard, ensures that 95-100% of the materials in a given product are organic. As for GOS, the certification covers both the end product and the entire production chain.

GOTS: GOTS certification, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, is an internationally recognised standard for organic fibres. The certification means that environment and sustainability are at the forefront of all elements of the production chain - right from the moment the cotton is harvested and until the product is finished.

OEKO-TEX 100: OEKO-TEX 100 is one of the world’s leading health and environment certifications for textiles. The certification ensures that a given product does not contain chemical substances that can be harmful to the environment or your health.

Socially responsible working conditions

Sustainable production is many things - and a very important part of it, to our minds, is that the people who make our T-shirts have decent working conditions. This is one of the things covered by our producer BSCI certification. All our products are made just outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, where the working conditions satisfy international standards.

This means that employees producing our T-shirts have 8 hour workdays and are offered employee benefits such as transportation, insurance, health checks, food, child care, and maternity leave.

100% Organic Cotton
Certified eco-friendly &. Ethical Production
No harmful chemicals
Designed in Denmark, made responsibly in Bangladesh


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